Other Projects

Android (Java):
Pokemon Trivia (Bitbucket) – One of my first apps developed for Android, it’s a simple Pokemon themed trivia app that imports questions/answers from a XML file. If you simply wish to install to your Android device, sideload this PokemonTrivia.apk file.

Puzzle Maker (JavaDoc) (Bitbucket) – Group project that easily allows the creation of crossword and wordsearch puzzles. Uses Swing for GUI.
Life – Created in an Intro to Programming course in college, recreates Conway’s Game of Life in Java.
Space Invaders – My first game created in Java back in 10th grade. It only utilizes Swing for Graphics/GUI.

Konane – Developed during an AI course. The first player unable to capture an enemy piece is the loser, and the other player is the winner.  It competed against other teams in the course and was rather competitive. The eval function was relatively simple, as it was simply the ratio of the number of players pieces that are movable and the number of opponents pieces that are movable as it proved to win on average the most between depths 1-4.

8Puzzle – Developed during an AI course. One cell of the frame is always empty so that adjacent tiles can be moved into that spot. Utilizing many different types of search, the n-puzzle is a classical problem for modelling algorithms involving heuristics.

RPG Maker XP:
Pokemon Essentials – Original author of Flameguru’s Pokemon Starter Kit in which Poccil based his Pokemon Essentials starter kit on. Maruno has since taken over development on this project, squishing many of the bugs present in the original incarnation and has added many features from newer games in the series as well. Visit the PokeCommunity Forum for more information