Pokemon Java Engine

PokemonJavaEngineBannerOne of my first forays in programming was a Pokemon Engine in Java. It was never completed and was originally developed during an AP Computer Science course in High School. It was originally intended to be a replacement for Pokemon Essentials (RMXP) and would use the same resource format. This project is now considered abandoned and has been replaced by my Pokemon Engine for Android, which is better in every single way (literally, give it a look). If I have enough free time I would like to continue this Engine but I will probably start from scratch and use lwjgl as a base.

Original Post:

Some people may wonder why I would ever want to create an engine in Java while there is a perfectly good engine for RMXP. Many would argue that the RMXP engine is a million times easier to use, and they would all be correct. So whats the point? Well, I’m just in the mood for something different.

Doesn’t it seem like more of an accomplishment to create a game based on a community driven game engine in Java than RMXP? I think this has a lot of potential so I am releasing the source along with the javadoc summary of the class files.

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Source Code, Jar, and JavaDoc – Initial Public Release
Map Editor – by Judd – Put this in the Graphics Folder

Final Notes:

Currently, impassible tiles, event tiles, and NPC’s are hard coded into an array. I am hoping to save this data into the map files themselves (similar to RMXP), but I’m not sure how to go about it.

Pokemon stats are also hardcoded into the Monsters class. I have started work on a method to load their data from Data/pokemon.txt but it does not work.

There is still much work to be done and this is in no way shape or form considered even remotely complete. This is simply a proof of concept, so please don’t complain if a lot of things don’t work or there are missing features (and there are).